Coaching Philosophy

Developing a trust-based connection with my clients is my first priority. I seek to build a relationship and create an environment for giving direct feedback, asking questions and seeking clarity. I don’t rely on a single coaching model, but recognize each person has his or her unique needs. My job is providing objective, experience, and perspective to assist my clients as they work through issues. It is my responsibility to assist my clients in unscrambling the issues they face, to see the bigger picture and to move quickly to resolution and results. 

Coaching Service Areas

  • Assisting in transitioning from technical work to leadership and management; for people who are technical experts looking to develop better people and leadership skills.

  • Discussing problem situations, exploring personal development and testing out ideas in a safe supportive environment.

  • Focusing on clear goals and the path to achieving the desired results. 

  • Creating a structure for accountability and sustained commitment.

  • Helping to achieve greater result in less time than struggling through hurdles alone.

  • Sharpening management and leadership skills using tools and techniques.

  • Providing unconditional support and praise while challenging, motivating and supporting them. 


Benefits of Coaching

People who are committed to their goals in writing are 42% more likely to achieve them. If they are accountable to someone else, the percentage is even higher. A study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews, of Dominican University of California, provided empirical evidence on the effectiveness coaching through accountability, commitment, and writing.